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Default Plentiful Box turtle food - Japanese beetles and how to get thousands!

During summer Japanese beetles are plentiful. You can buy Bag a bug*traps and collect thousands of live japanese beetles in a day or two with one trap. They stay alive for days in the bag but if you get a bowl and put a little low fat or non fat cat food in it, just enough to stick to the beetles and keep them from flying away, stir the beetles into it and then watch your turtles go nuts over this meal. I imagine this would work with crushed papaya instead of cat food and that might be healthier for the turtle but more expensive.*

If you don't want *to use anything that sticks to the beetles*to keep them from flying you can put the beetles in the frig for 15 minutes and then feed your turtles. They will wake up after a short while and start flying away but by then if you don't give your turtle too many he will have eaten them all. *If you have a*lot of turtles this is a great way to provide them with free meals all summer after the nominal cost of the bag a bug trap.

If your turtle is in an enclosed tank so the beetles can't fly out a hungry turtle will eventually find them and eat them
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box turtle food, japanese beetles

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